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Eighth Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP

Geoscience Australia
Geoscience Australia



3-5 November 2019

In conjunction with the GEO Week 2019
4-9 November 2019

National Convention Centre

31 Constitution Avenue
Canberra, ACT 2600, Australia


About the Eighth Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP

The three-day Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP is hosted in Canberra by the Australian Government and it is the first Plenary Meeting under the Presidency of Australia and since UNESCAP took over the secretariat function.

The Meeting provides an opportunity for members to discuss global and regional perspectives on the latest topics of geospatial information, as well as the implications of the Asia-Pacific Plan of Action on Space Applications for Sustainable Development (2018-2030).

The Working Groups on ‘Geodetic Reference Frame’, ‘Cadastre and Land Management’, and ‘Integrating Geospatial Information and Statistics’ will meet on the first day. On the other days, participants will have the opportunity to join sessions on the topics of the Working Groups, as well as on the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF), the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and the Sustainable Development Goals.


GEO Week 2019

The Eighth Plenary Meeting will be run in conjunction with the GEO Week 2019.

We encourage UN-GGIM-AP members to consider extending their stay to participate in the GEO Week Industry Track events on Wednesday 6 November and Thursday 7 November.

Information on the GEO Week 2019 can be found here.

About Canberra

Canberra is the capital city of Australia and the Seat of Government, where many of Australians key institutions are located. Canberra means ‘meeting place’ in the local aboriginal language. For 20,000 years, the Indigenous Ngunnawal community has called Canberra home. Today, Canberra is a dynamic and modern city that provides plenty of opportunities for delegates to interact socially while experiencing Australia’s natural beauty and relaxed culture.

For more information consult the website of Visit Canberra.


Day 1: Sunday 3 November 2019 | Torrens, Swan and Murray Rooms
9:00 Registration
Parallel Meetings of the UN-GGIM-AP Working Groups (2018-2021)
Working Group 1
Geodetic Reference Frame
Torrens Room
Working Group 2
Cadastre and Land Management
Swan Room
Working Group 3
Integrating Geospatial Information and Statistics
Murray Room
10:35–11:00 Morning Tea
12:00–13:30 Lunch | Derment Room
15:00–15:30 Afternoon Tea
17:00 End of Session
17:30 Drinks and Canapés Reception | The Crown Plaza
Day 2: Monday 4 November 2019 | Exhibition Hall
8:15 Registration
8:45 Plenary Welcome
Welcome to Country
8:50 Session 1: Opening and Reports
Andy Barnicoat, President of UN-GGIM-AP
Agenda Item 1
Confirmation of Agenda
Andy Barnicoat, President of UN-GGIM-AP
9:00 Agenda Item 2
Report from UN-GGIM-AP Secretariat
Verena Kausche, UNESCAP
9:10 Agenda Item 3
Liaison Report from UN-GGIM
Greg Scott, UN-GGIM
  Liaison Report from UNESCAP
Tae Hyung Kim, UNESCAP
9:30 Session 2: Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF)
Chair: Greg Scott, UN-GGIM
Agenda Item 4
IGIF Overview
Greg Scott, UN-GGIM
10:10 Moderated Discussion
10:30 Group Photo and Morning Tea
11:00 Rosamond Bing, Tonga
11:20 Kathrine Kelm, World Bank
11:40 Tsevelsodnom Gankhuu, Mongolia
12:00 Moderated Discussion: The Global Consultation
12:30 Lunch | Derment Room
13:30 Session 3: Working Group 1 on Geodetic Reference Frame
Chair: Basara Miyahara, Japan
Agenda Item 5
Report from UN-GGIM-AP Working Group 1
Basara Miyahara, Chair WG 1
13:50 Report on Asia-Pacific Reference Frame (APREF)
Guorong Hu, Australia
14:10 Agenda Item 6
Report from UN-GGIM Sub-Committee on Geodesy
Nick Brown, Australia
14:30 Panel Discussion: Geodetic reference frame: opportunities and challenges
Hasanuddin Z Abidin, Indonesia
Jay Hyoun Kwon, Republic of Korea
Rob Sarib, Chair of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)
15:15 Afternoon Tea
15:45 Session 4: Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
Chair: Hasanuddin Z. Abidin, Indonesia
Agenda Item 7
Oki Shoichi, Japan
16:05 Hasanuddin Z. Abidin, Indonesia
16:25 Craig Arthur, Australia
16:45 TBD, Bangladesh
17:05 Discussion
17:30 End of Session
19:00 Dinner | The Deck at Regatta Point
Day 3: Tuesday 5 November 2019 | Exhibition Hall
9:00 Session 5: Working Group 3 on Integrating Geospatial Information and Statistics (IGIS)
Chair: Antonius B. Wijanarto, Indonesia
Agenda Item 8
Report from UN-GGIM-AP Working Group 3
Antonius B. Wijanarto, Chair WG 3
9:15 Fujimura Hidenori, Japan
9:30 Daniel Clarke,  UNESCAP Statistic Division
9:45 Martin Brady, Co-Chair UN-GGIM Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information
10:00 Pakorn Petchprayoon, Thailand
10:15 Discussion
10:30 Morning Tea
11:00 Session 6: Working Group 2 on Cadastre and Land Management
Chair: Taikjin Kim, Republic of Korea
Agenda Item 9
Report from UN-GGIM-AP Working Group 2
Taikjin Kim, Chair WG 2
11:20 Rohan Bennett, UN-GGIM Expert Group on Land Administration and Management
11:35 Kheng Peng Soh, Singapore
11:50 Discussion
12:10 Lunch | Derment Room
UN-GGIM-AP Executive Board Meeting — Working Lunch | Fitzroy Room
13:40 Session 7: Sustainable Development Goals
Chair: Rosamond Bing, Tonga
Agenda Item 10
Shu Peng, China
14:00 Luke Brown, Australia
14:20 Rosamond Bing, Tonga
14:40 Discussion
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:30 Session 8: Joint UN-GGIM-AP and Asia-Oceania GEO Session
Chair: Tiziana Bonapace, UNESCAP
Agenda Item 11
David Hudson, AOGEO Co-Chair
15:50 Andy Barnicoat, President of UN-GGIM-AP
16:05 Anond Snidvongs, Thailand
16:20 Discussion
16:30 Session 9: UN-GGIM-AP Resolution
Agenda Item 12
UN-GGIM-AP Resolution
UN-GGIM-AP Secretariat, Verena Kausche
17:00 Agenda Item 13
Announcement of the Ninth Plenary Meeting
Handover of the UN-GGIM-AP flag to the next host
Remarks by Indonesia, host of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP
Arief Syafi’i, Indonesia
17:15 Closing Remarks: President of UN-GGIM-AP Andy Barnicoat, President of UN-GGIM-AP
17:30 End of Session



Please see GEO Week Logistics for information about visiting Canberra, including special-rate accommodation, and the venue National Convention Centre Canberra.


All visitors to Australia must have valid visas, please see your visa options. For a general invitation letter please email the UN-GGIM-AP Secretariat. For a specific invitation letter please email the meeting host Geoscience Australia.

  1. Session 1_1 Verena Kausche_ UN-GGIM-AP Secretariat Report.pdf
  2. Session 1_3 Tae Hyung Kim_ESCAP Liaison Report.pdf
  3. Session 2_1 Greg Scott_UN-GGIM_IGIF.pdf
  4. Session 2_2 Rosamond Bing_Operationalizing IGIF for Tonga.pdf
  5. Session 2_3 Kathrine Kelm_World Bank_IGIF.pdf
  6. Session 2_4 Tsevelsodnom Gankhuu_Mongolia_IGIF.pdf
  7. Session 3_1 Basara Miyahara_WG1 Report.pdf
  8. Session 3_2 Guorong Hu_APREF.pdf
  9. Session 3_3 Nick Brown_UN-GGIM Subcommittee on Geodesy.pdf
  10. Session 3_4.1 Hasan Abidin_GRF Indonesia - Opportunities and Challenges.pdf
  11. Session 3_4.2 Jay Hyoun Kim_Height Unification.pdf
  12. Session 3_4.3 Rob Sarib_FIG_CD-Challenges&Opportunities.pdf
  13. Session 4_1 Oki Shoichi_Japan_SFDRR.pdf
  14. Session 4_2 Hasan Abidin_Indonesia_Sendai Framework.pdf
  15. Session 4_3 Craig Arthur_Australia_Support for Sendai Framework.pdf
  16. Session 4_4 Muniruzzaman_Bangladesh_Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.pdf
  17. Session 5_1 Antonius Wijanarto_WG3 Report.pdf
  18. Session 5_2 Martin Brady_ISGI Progress.pdf
  19. Session 5_3 Fujimura Hidenori_Japan_United Nations Vector Tile Toolkit.pdf
  20. Session 5_4 Daniel Clarke_UNESCAP Statistic Division.pdf
  21. Session 5_5 Pakorn_Thailand_Monitoring Health and Yield of Rice.pdf
  22. Session 6_1 Taikjin Kim_WG2 Report.pdf
  23. Session 6_2 Rohan Bennett_UN-GGIM Land Administration and Management.pdf
  24. Session 6_3 Kheng Peng Soh_Singapore_Overview Cadastre.pdf
  25. Session 7_1 Shu Peng_From Local SDGs Profile to Decision Making China’s Practice.pdf
  26. Session 7_2 Luke Brown_From Global to Local - implementing the NDRRF.pdf
  27. Session 7_3 Rosamond Bing_Tonga_SDG14 - Life below water.pdf
  28. Session 8_1 David Hudson_Asia-Oceania GEO.pdf
  29. Session 8_2 Andy Barnicoat_UN-GGIM-AP_GEO session.pdf
  30. Session 8_3 Anond Snidvongs_Thailand GISTDA_Joint UNGGIM-AP & AOGEO.pdf