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WG2 Meeting during Eighth Plenary

WG 2 Meeting on Cadastre and Land Management

3 November 2019, 09:30-17:00

National Convention Centre Canberra, Room: Swan Room


As part of the three-day Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP, hosted in Canberra by the Australian Government, Working Group 2 on 'Cadastre and Land Management' is meeting on the first day.


09:00-09:30 Registration    
09:30-10:00 1. Opening Session    
  A. Remarks by the Chair Chair 5 min
  B. Remarks by UN-GGIM-AP Executive Board UN-GGIM 5 min
  C. Introduction of the participants Participants 10 min
09:50-10:10 2. Briefing on Key Activities    
  A. Key Activities of UN-GGIM-AP(ESCAP), Tae Hyung Kim Tae Hyung Kim 15 min
  B. Key Activities of WG2 Chair 5 min
10:10-10:35 3. Overall Work Plan of WG2    
  A. Briefing actions and plans of WG2, Ung Yong Park Ung Yong Park 15 min
  B. Discussion All 10 min
10:35-11:00 4. Morning Tea   25 min
11:00-12:00 5. Key Frameworks for Advancing WG2 Objectives
  A. Importance of FELA and its developments Rohan Bennett 15 min
  B. IGIF and its implications in Asia-Pacific Region Kathrine Kelm 15 min
  C. Land Cadaster Database System in Mongolia Gundegmaa Chinzorig 15 min
  D. Participation and potential contributions of UN-GGIM-AP WG2 All 15 min
12:00-13:30 6. Lunch    
13:30-14:10 7. Future of Cadastre and Land Management A
  A. Smart Cadastre of Singapore Derick Tan 20 min
  B. Digital Twin-based Approach for Land Management Byung Yong Kwak 20 min
14:10-14:50 8. Future of Cadastre and Land Management B
  C. Future Spatial Management of the Cadastre Ian Harper 20 min
  D. Disruptive geospatial technologies Daniel Paez 20 min
  E. Discussion All 10 min
15:00-15:30 9. Afternoon Tea    
15:30-15:55 10. Recommendations and Conclusion    
  A. Review of Recommendations of WG2 Chair 20 min
  B. Other issues All 5 min
15:55-16:00 11. Closing Remarks Chair 5 min
17:30   Drinks and Canapés Reception | The Crown Plaza    


Please see logistics of the Eighth Plenary Meeting.