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Second UN-GGIM-AP Plenary Meeting

Second UN-GGIM-AP Plenary Meeting
Second UN-GGIM-AP Plenary Meeting

2nd Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP

28-30 October 2013

Teheran, Iran

List of Documents

  1. Announcement letter [PDF 271KB]
  2. Invitation Letter from Director of NCC [PDF 244KB]
  3. Information Note [PDF 161KB]

Meeting Documents

  1. Record of Proceedings [PDF 327KB]
  2. Agenda of the Meeting [PDF 480KB]
  3. Welcome Address
    1. Dr. Li Pengde, UN-GGIM-AP President [PDF 284KB]
    2. Mr. Mahmoud Ilkhan, Director, NCC, Islamic Republic of Iran [PDF 283KB]
  4. UN-GGIM-AP Executive Report [PDF 823KB]
  5. Report on the Third Session of UN-GGIM [PDF 179KB]
  6. Report on the Outcomes of Recent UN-GGIM Related Conferences [PDF 333KB]
  7. Report from Liaison Organizations
    1. EuroGeographics [PDF 669KB]
  8. Presentation on the Main Theme: NGIAs' roles in successful disaster response
    1. Iran [PDF 2921KB]
    2. Indonesia [PDF 3941KB]
    3. Azerbaijan [PDF 862KB]
    4. Korea [PDF 2667KB]
    5. Mongolia [PDF 1062KB]
    6. Fiji [PDF 3826KB]
    7. Japan [PDF 1479KB]
  9. Presentation on the Sub Theme: The latest of spatial web services provided by NGIAs
    1. Malaysia [PDF 728KB]
    2. Brunei [PDF 355KB]
    3. China [PDF 5011KB]
  10. Reports and Discussions on WG activities
    1. WG1: Geodetic Reference Frame for Sustainable Development [Report PDF 1088KB] [PPT PDF 738KB]
    2. WG2: Data Sharing and Integration for Disaster Management [Report PDF 1276KB] [PPT PDF 2453KB]
    3. WG3: Place-Based Management for Economic Growth [Report PDF 884KB] [PPT PDF 794KB]
  11. Plenary Meeting in 2014 [PDF 1483KB]
  12. Resolutions [PDF 316KB]
  13. List of Participants [PDF 262KB]


  1. Template for Main-theme [PPT 308KB]
  2. Template for Sub-theme [PPT 302KB]
There are no documents.