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EB Meeting Virtual I


Executive Board Meeting
of the Regional Committee of United Nations on Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific (UN-GGIM-AP)
Virtual, 3 July 2020, 1-3pm Bangkok time (UTC+7)


The objectives of the Executive Board Meeting are to (1) discuss the overall work plan of UN-GGIM-AP for 2020-2021; (2) discuss the preparations for the 10th Session of UN-GGIM; (3) discuss the preparations and options for the Ninth Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP, and (4) other issues such as the new UN-GGIM-AP website and the Asia Pacific Geospatial Data Network Platform.


01:00-01:15  1. Opening Session  
  1. Opening Remarks by President
Alison Rose 5min
  1. Welcome Remarks by Secretariat
Tiziana Bonapace 5min
  1. Short introduction of participants
Participants 5min
01:15-02:05 2. Overall Work Plan of UN-GGIM-AP for 2020-2021  
  1. Briefing from UN-GGIM-AP Secretariat
Keran Wang 15min
  1. Briefing from Working Groups
  1. WG1: Geodetic Reference Frame
Miyahara Basara 10min
  1. WG2: Cadastre and Land Management
Taikjin Kim 10min
  1. WG3: Integrating Geospatial Information and Statistics
Antonius Wijanarto 10min
  1. IGIF: Implementation in Asia-Pacific region
Keran Wang 5min
02:05-02:20 3. Preparation for 10th Session of UN-GGIM, 26./27. Aug & 4. Sep  
  1. Regional Committee Report UN-GGIM-AP
Verena Kausche 5min
  1. Discussions on UN-GGIM-AP input
Participants 10min
02:20-02:40 4. Ninth Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP, Nov 2020, Bali  
  1. Briefing from Indonesia
Mohamad Arief Syafi’i 10min
  1. Discussion on the Plenary Meeting and its agenda
02:40-03:00 5. Other issues  
  1. Tenth Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP 2021
Keran Wang 5min
  1. New UN-GGIM-AP Website
Verena Kausche 10min
  1. Asia-Pacific Geospatial Information Platform
Tae Hyung Kim 5min
03:00 6. Closing