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EB Meeting Sydney

Executive Board Meeting
of the Regional Committee of United Nations on Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific
06 May 2024
Sydney, Australia


The objectives of the Executive Board Meeting are to: (1)discuss the details about Establishment of Academic Network and Private Sector Network of Asia- Pacific; (2)review the work plan and Terms of Reference of UN-GGIM-AP for 2022-2025; (3)preparations of the Thirteenth Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM-AP, Fourteenth Session of UN-GGIM, and other planned events of working groups in 2024; (4)update communication channels among members of UN-GGIM-AP.

                                                              (As of 15 March 2024)



Monday, 06 May 2024

International convention centre, Sydney NSW, Australia


Agenda Programme






Preparatory Meeting (TBC)

Secretariat discusses with the President and Chairs of WGs (if available)

Venue: TBC







VIP Boardroom on Level  1




Welcome Remarks

             ·        President (Antonius Wijanarto)

             ·        Australia (Lisa Bush)



The president will recognize all EB members, hosts, observers and relevant stakeholders. In the interest of time, all participants are encouraged to introduce themselves to one another during the break.



A brief announcement from the host regarding safety, health and case of emergency


Agenda Item #2 Agenda, organization of the meeting


Participants will review and confirm the agenda, focus, and organization for the EB meeting


Agenda and Organization of the meeting

The President will briefly explain the agenda and expected outcomes from the meeting such as updating on activities following the 13th Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM and reviewing and updating the ToR to establish the Academic Network and Private Sector Network of UN-GGIM-AP, welcome the newly appointed Vice President from India

            ·        President


Briefing from the Secretariat

The Secretariat will also present UN-GGIM-AP's achievements and progress.

            ·        Secretariat





VIP Boardroom on Level 1


Agenda Item #3 Working Group Progress Report


Moderator: Vice President - TBC


Presentation and moderated discussion. Each working group should report their progress  in terms of activities, workplan, future plans, and any problems/issues that the Executive Board members need to consider before making any decisions. The presentation should be limited to 15 minutes including Q&A.


WG1: Geodetic Reference Frame (Presenter – TBC)

WG2: Cadastre and Land Management (Presenter – TBC)

WG3: Integrating Geospatial Information and Statistics (Presenter – TBC)

WG4: Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (Presenter – TBC)







VIP Boardroom on Level 1


Agenda Item 4# Establishment of Academic Network and Private Sector Network of Asia-Pacific


Moderator: President


The revised ToR should include workplans for both Academic Network and Private Sector Network for 2024-2025.  Expected outcome: EB members approve the proposed workplan and revise the current ToR. The thematic networks shall each nominate representatives to the EB members.


Presentation and Discussion:

            ·        Academic Network of Asia Pacific (TBC)

            ·        Private Sector Network of Asia Pacific (TBC)


Agenda Item #5 Coordinating and facilitating joint activities with UN-GGIM for the furtherance of its program of work.


Moderator: Vice President (Victor Khoo - TBC)


Terms of Reference:

             ·        The President actively participates and contributes to the work of the UN-GGIM Expanded Bureau and inform members of the Executive Board on ongoing issues of the UN-GGIM Expanded Bureau’s agenda

            ·        Review engagement with HLG-IGIF and nominate new members representing UN-GGIM-AP cognizant of the HLG-IGIF ToR

           ·        Discussion on the work plan for the Regional Committee for 2024: Roles and responsibilities of the Vice-Presidents; workplans of the WGs to be presented by the Chairs of the WGs after coordination with WG members;

             ·        Biannual revising of the list of members nominated to the SCoG from the UN-GGIM-AP to strengthen a membership of the Subcommittee on Geodesy

              ·        “One world – One agenda”: Joint meetings of the UN-GGIM AP and other regional committees.


Report and Discussion

1.       Report on the UN-GGIM Expanded Bureau and HLF-IGIF meetings in Aguascalientes, Mexico on Jan 2024 (Antonius Wijanarto)

2.       Inter-Regional Activities (Victor Khoo)

a.       Outcomes of the meeting in Nov 2023, Bali

b.       Links to the website of other regional committees

c.       Participating in other regional committee meetings

                                                        i.      10th Session of UN-GGIM Americas (President)

                                                      ii.      10th Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM Europe (President)

                                                     iii.      11th Plenary Meeting of UN-GGIM Arab States (VP: Mr. Khoo)




VIP Boardroom on Level 1 

Agenda Item #6 Planning, coordinating, and convening annual plenary meetings of the UN-GGIM-AP


Moderator: President


Terms of Reference:

·        Twelfth Plenary Meeting (hosted by Indonesia) together with a regional seminar/workshop on the United Nations Integrated Geospatial Information Framework

·        Thirteenth Plenary Meeting (hosted by India) together with a regional seminar/workshop on the Global Geodetic Reference Frame for Sustainable Development

·        Fourteenth Plenary Meeting


Presentations and Discussion

·        Preparation of the Thirteenth Plenary Meeting - 2024

o   Survey of India  

·        Discussion on the Fourteenth Plenary Meeting - 2025

o   All EB members


Agenda Item #7 Preparations for the Fourteenth Session of UN-GGIM


Moderator: Secretariat


A report under Agenda Item 4: Contribution of Regional Committees to Global Geospatial Management (GGIM) in UN-GGIM Fourteenth Session in New York will be prepared and coordinated by UN-GGIM-AP Regional Committee (Contributed by 4 other regional committees). Expected outcomes: Improve communication and engagement with other regional committees.

   ·        Moderated Discussion


Agenda Item #8 Other Matters


         ·        President




VIP Boardroom on Level 1



           ·        President

          ·        Host Country


Optional dinner hosted by the UN-GGIM-AP Private Sector Network