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Work-plan of Working Group 4: Cadastre and Land Management





Targeted goals


Identify land issues in Asia and the Pacific region

  • Conduct the 1st and 2nd questionnaires;
  • Investigate status of land management situation in cultural, social, administrative and technical environments at different levels;
  • Analyse results of the responses using matrix analysis between demands (needs) and supply (capability).



1st survey analyses draft in the middle of 2016; 2nd final report for land issues in the end of 2017.


Propose affordable framework and good practices for Asia and the Pacific region

  • Identify the concepts and goals of land administration and management for AP region;
  • Review and analyse the land administration efforts experienced in developed and developing countries;
  • Share the results of reviews and get feedback on the distributed documents;
  • Propose affordable framework and country profile considering existing standard model and approach for land administration and management by working with international organisations.



1st draft in the end of 2016; 2nd draft in the end of 2017; final report in the middle of 2018.

Affordable framework and country profile will be finalised by the middle of 2018 through cooperation effort among chair and vice-chairs’ countries.


Disseminate good practices and enhancing training and capacity development

  • Propose the strategies for geospatial-enable land management, capacity building, and cost-effective implementations;
  • Disseminate the affordable framework and good practices to get comments on and revise its;
  • Make a liaison with UN-GGIM Expert Group on Land Administration and Management;
  • Hold regional workshop, training and seminars.



1st regional workshop in conjunction with UN-GGIM-AP Plenary meeting at Malaysia in the end of 2016;

2 or 3 training or seminars co-organised with international organisations(UN-Habitat/GLTN, UNESCAP, ISO/TC211 and etc.) or liaison group (UN-GGIM).


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